Domo Social

Recently I began working at Domo, Inc as a software engineer on their front-end development team. One thing that was a surprise for me as I started was the emphasis that they put on being involved in evangelizing their brand, business, etc. As I read once, if your employees aren’t excited enough to promote your business, they shouldn’t be your employees. One initiative that Domo has undertaken to encourage this behavior was to involve all of us at Domo in a campaign they call Domo Social. A series of “badges” were created that required certain tasks to be accomplished, much like merit badges in scouting. It includes many activities, like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Youtube activity in an effort to educate the company in the knowledge of the social web.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Domo the product is a social product. As a product group we are trying to build an environment and the tool where sharing is encouraged inside the enterprise. Social interaction, which may be foreign to many in the software community, is encouraged and even developed through the many badges that make up Domo Social. As such, I am creating a blog. Yes, creating and promoting a blog is a badge in Domo Social 🙂